Brighter futures for all generations

The Francis Family Foundation envisions current and future generations of well-rounded individuals who are creative, lifelong learners striving to achieve their fullest potential and are well prepared to contribute to community and society in general. The path to making this vision a reality is built upon strategies that target talented individuals and organizations that strive to provide excellent programs and services within their communities. Specifically, the Foundation will focus its strategies in the areas of pulmonary research, lifelong learning with a particular emphasis on early childhood development, and arts and culture.

This plan serves as a framework by which the Foundation will pursue a set of outcomes within each area over five years. The Foundation will continue to focus its efforts in the area of pulmonary research in North America. The Foundation will continue to focus its efforts in the areas of lifelong learning and arts and culture within the greater Kansas City area. By focusing support in these areas, the Foundation is committed to making a difference in improving the quality of life through our grant making.